This summer school approaches debates and contemporary struggles on racism and eurocentrism based on three levels: knowledge production, public policy and grassroots movements initiatives. Its main objectives are: a) to discuss eurocentric knowledge production in the history of colonialism, slavery and racism, by problematising hegemonic concepts and approaches in politics and academia; b) to debate notions that are fundamental for the understanding of such complex political processes (concretely, racial state, violence, naction, citizenship); c) to present a variety of case studies in different international contexts and from different disciplines (Sociology, History, Philosophy, Political Economy, Geography); d) to promote a critical analysis of integration and anti-discrimination policies; e) to dialogue with alternatives formulated by grassroots movements, which question the production and dissemination of eurocentric knowledge, including the presentation of initiatives in informal education and arts education. Thus, this course aims to be a space for dialogue between academia, movements and political struggles, although acknowledging the power relations affecting this dialogue and the articulations possible between them.

The teaching staff will provide the participantes a list of references and texts, regarding to the topics of the seminars.

Thematic areas of the course:
Eurocentrism, knowledge production, (anti)racism, grassroots movements
Target public: post-graduate students in social and human sciences, political activists, NGO members in the field of anti-racism and human rights, professors in Sociology, History and Geographu, journalists.
Researchers in charge: Silvia Rodríguez Maeso and Marta Araújo
Teaching team
Amílcar Pereira (Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro)
Anabela Rodrigues (AMI-AFRO Laboratory, GTO-LX)
Bruno Gonçalves (ROMED and SOS Racismo)
Cayetano Fernández (CES)
Cristina Roldão (Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal)
Katy P. Sian (University of York)
Kwame Nimako (Black Europe Summer School)
Mamadou Ba (SOS Racismo)
Mario Espinoza Pino (Instituto DM – Democracia y Municipalismo)
Marta Araújo (CES)
Shirley-Anne Tate (Leeds Beckett University)
Silvia Rodríguez Maeso (CES)
Youssef Boussoumah (Partie des Indigènes de la République)

Inscription: Until 20 August: 300€; After 21 August: 400€

Working languages: Portuguese and English
Maximum/minumum number of participants: 25 and 10 respectively
Funding: Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia - FCT and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) through operational programme COMPETE 2020 - PTDC / IVC-SOC / 1209/2014 - POCI-01-0145-FEDER-016806.